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A clear and cohesive brand identity for your Raleigh Business is essential for building connections with your customers. Carrboro Creative is a branding company that builds brands that connect. Our brands standout against the competition and sell more. Period


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Average projects start at $1500 and take 2-4 weeks

The Process

1. Branding Questionnaire

We will send our branding questionnaire to learn more about your business, goals, and target audience.


We will followup with any questions we may have about your questionnaire


Our team will begin by designing a logo concept for your brand. During this process, we will also choose a color palette and complimentary typography to use for your marketing materials 

4. Revisions

Via our online forms, you will provide feedback on your logo and we will make adjustments to your brand. Three rounds of revisions are included.

5. Brand Style Guide & Deliverables

Once your brand is finalized, we will provide a brand style guide with all of your brand pieces as well as a folder with all of your deliverables.

Birmingham Soap White Logo and Blue Package Illustration Design

Is Your Brand Working?

Download our guide to understand how to evaluate the success of your brand, plus tips that will help you make improvements today!

we use clear messaging and brand story to connect to your customers as a Raleigh Company

If you're not connecting with your customer on a deeper level, you will lose sales.

It’s not enough to tell your customer what you do. If you’re just listing your services, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with your customer through your brand story. Your brand story tells your customer that you understand their problem and are here to help. 

A story can be broken up into five parts. There is a character (1) who has a problem (2), then meets an advisor (3), who helps them solve that problem (4) and reach their happy ending (5). From a business perspective, the character is your customer (1). Your customers have some type of problem (2) and are coming to your business, the advisor (3) for help. As a business, you over them a solution (4) that helps them achieve their happy ending (5).

Our brains are wired to understand stories, so using your messaging through this framework is a proven way of increasing your sales. 

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Brand Story and Brand Strategy Workshops in Raleigh

Nailing down your messaging and crafting your brand story has never been easier. We offer a variety of brand workshops in Raleigh, custom suited for your needs. In these immersive workshops, we play games, complete exercises, and get to the root of who your business is and how you should be positioning yourself to connect with your customer. These intensive workshops focuses on your client’s journey, their frustrations, their needs, and how you address them using your brand voice. We’ll help you better understand your brand so you can better sell your product or service.

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Featured Raleigh Brand Development Project


Our services included our full branding and web design package. Kritterly is a boutique pet services company based in Raleigh, NC. In addition to offering pet boarding, grooming, and day care, they focus on giving back to the community through an animal food shelter.  Check out the website.

Kritterly Logo Design Symbol hanging on the plant
Dog Visual with Kritterly Logo Design
Web Design for Kritterly Website Displayed on Laptop


Kritterly Logo with Tagline on Dark Background
kritterly icon



kritterly type template copy

About Carrboro Creative

Carrboro Creative is a branding company located in Carrboro, North Carolina. Our branding company specializes in brand development and brand strategy for small and medium sized businesses in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Our Raleigh Brand Development services are uniquely tailored to the Raleigh market. Get in touch today for a free consultation