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Have you ever spent hours working on a flyer only to end up disappointed at the end? It’s ok, you’re not alone! It might be tempting to DIY your marketing materials, but unless you have a background in graphic design, the result won’t be what your clients are looking for. That’s because graphic design isn’t just putting information on paper. It’s clarifying, simplifying, and organizing content so our brains can easily process it. 

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Why hire a professional designer in Chapel Hill

The difference between good design and bad design can cost you thousands in missed sales.

Graphic design is so much more than just putting your logo on a Microsoft Word template and calling it a day. Graphic design tells a story. Imagine this- you are an accounting firm in Chapel Hill that wants to educate potential clients on all of the things that could go wrong if they don’t do their Chapel Hill taxes properly. To do this, you write a list of tax issues, quote tax code, and throw it on a blank sheet of paper in Times New Roman. This sheet of paper has a ton of information, but looking at it is like sitting through a financial lecture. Sure, we know we should pay attention, but we don’t really want to. 

Now, imagine instead of a white piece of paper with words, the accounting firm hired a graphic designer in Chapel Hill that made infographics, icons, charts, graphs, and other visual elements to show the information in a visual way. Instead of sitting through a lecture, it’s like listening to someone read you a story. Sure, the information is the same, but instead of being bored, you’re now engaged and interested. 

As a business in Chapel Hill, it is crucial that we engage our target audience. Graphic design is a way to do just that. 

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Our Chapel Hill design agency is a team of creatives that live and breathe graphic design. They artfully and skillfully take information and use design best practices to create visual hierarchies, simplify information, and develop graphics to help tell a story. Need a brochure? Book? Album Cover? We do it all. Our graphic designers will bring your idea to life digitally and in print. Our philosophy is if you can print it, put a graphic on it, or publish it, we can design it. We specialize in creating cohesive marketing materials that consistently use your brand to market your organization. Check out our services below. Don’t see something? No problem, we love taking on new projects of all kinds. Let’s work together.

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CHapel Hill Graphic Design services include

Logos Design

Brochure Design

Booklet Design

Sign Design

Banner Design

Flyer Design

Book Design

Business Card Design

Email template Design

Letterhead Design

Bulletin Design

Billboard Design

Food Truck Wrap Design

Album Cover Design

About Carrboro Creative

Carrboro Creative is a graphic design company in Carrboro, North Carolina. Our graphic design agency specializes in graphic design for small and medium sized businesses in Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh. We work with Chapel Hill companies, organizations, and nonprofits to elevate their brand with graphic design.