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2019 Logo Trends to Look Out For

January 9, 2019

Just like with fashion, certain trends dominate the logo design industry each year. In 2018, we saw a lot of minimal, geometric, and typography-heavy logos.

Check Out What's In Store For 2019

1. Gradients

We saw gradients entering the field in late 2018, but we're certain they will make a huge splash in 2019. It's easy to understand why. Gradients allow designers to use a variety of colors without it looking "too much". Colors seamlessly blend together, creating a cohesive and clean design. 

Xyzagen Logos on White Background
Xyzagen Logos on Dark Blue Background

2. Negative Space

How can you not like negative space logos? They're clean, clever, and look really cool. We expect to see a lot of creative negative space logos in 2019 (and hopefully get to design a few ourselves).

WellLife Logo Design For Dark Background
kritterly icon

3. Minimal

We've seen the rise of minimal logos in the last couple of years and they show no signs of abating. Minimal logos are super versatile and well received by a wide target audience. 

branding ONtheBooks main logo with white background
Kate Smith Minimal Logo Design

4. Illustrative

In a world where we are overloaded with information, businesses are wanting to stand out with custom illustration. Whether it's delicate line art, or painting-esque design, we're sure you'll be seeing a lot more of it in 2019.

The Chatham Rabbit Logo Design
Ascension Logos

5. Vintage

Another trend that's showing no signs of slowing down. Not that we're complaining. Vintage logos are a fun way to bring back the best design trends of the decades, with a modern touch. 

The Forties Project Teal Logo Design
Pinebox Vintage Logo Design With a Modern Touch

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