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October 18, 2022
Managing stakeholders for nonprofit web design and branding

Working on a fresh web design and branding strategy for your nonprofit organization can be an exciting time. There's just one "little thing" you have to contend with: managing stakeholder relationships.  While, for the most part, the stakeholders in your nonprofit organization will be on board with designing a new website and branding concept, they […]

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October 6, 2022
The 5 Top Donation Platforms for Nonprofits

Fundraising is one of the main functions of a nonprofit. How organizations raise and collect donations has evolved over the years. As nonprofits take their missions to the digital landscape, online donations have become a primary means of collecting donations to support their mission. Your nonprofit website should have a clear and easy way for […]

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August 22, 2022
9 signs it's time to redesign your website

1. Your website is not responsive. The fact that your website is not responsive is a key cause for you to consider a new one. A responsive website design will ensure that your website will render correctly across several platforms and that a memorable user experience is adapted to several devices used nowadays, like desktop […]

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April 20, 2022
How to Incorporate Storytelling In Web Design

Are you looking for a way to get customers to notice you? You have worked so hard, and your business is your passion, so what's next? We all want the work we put into our businesses to “pay-off,” but sometimes it can be a struggle to know where to start and how to get customers […]

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April 10, 2022
Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Website

Many people think that building a website is super easy. That’s not always the case. For a professional, customizable website that represents your business online, that drag and drop feature is not going to cut it. It’s important to understand that these generic tools also use generic templates that are not designed to meet your […]

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March 20, 2022
Top 8 Tips to Level Up Your Copywriting and Increase Your Sales

When done correctly, copywriting is a cost-effective way to boost your SEO, bring in visitors, and—ultimately—increase sales. It’s a necessary strategy for any successful marketer and offers a world of possibilities for any business. Today, we’ll take a look at our favorite tips for improving your copywriting to not only engage your audience, but also […]

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