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Signs that your brand identity isn't working

November 25, 2019

Are you on the point of closing your company because you believe your brand identity is not working? You could be correct; your brand's identity might be broken. We are all aware that establishing a brand is not a simple undertaking. It required a significant amount of your time, expertise, and money, and most of all, your dreams. It's not too late to revamp your brand. Many companies provide a variety of jobs relating to these challenges. In this article, we will go through the primary reasons why your brand isn't working, the causes, and how to overcome and rebuild the firm you've devoted your entire life to.

The visual component of a brand identity is a company's personality. Typography, logo, colors, website design, and a variety of additional elements are included. Every brand identity piece is a pillar in the brand's foundation. Apple, for example, is one of the most well-known brands of all time. Believe it or not, the majority of individuals have heard and known Apple. It is a multinational technology company that specializes in computer hardware and software that makes personal computers, cellphones, tablet computers, computer peripherals, and software. The apple logo itself speaks to the brand. The features of its brand identity strengthen its distinct qualities and allow it to remain at the forefront of the technological industry. 

The most common indicators that your brand identity is failing:

There are a few blunders to avoid if you want to build a stronger brand sooner. 

Being inconsistent

A successful brand is one that is consistent, clear, and captivating. Across all facets of your business, the direct and indirect signals you send to your customers must be consistent. What you do, how you'll do it, how you'll look while doing it, and the emotions your audience will have while doing it. Delivering a product or service that is consistent in all aspects, maintaining consistency, and remembering that dependability promotes trust. Returning trust increases reputation and readiness to buy. It's quite easy to spot when your verbal and visual identities are at odds. For example, you may claim to use cutting-edge technology, but your website images look like they're from 1999. When your business operations or culture are out of sync with your messaging, it's considerably harder to identify. Consistency in all areas will aid your brand's success by allowing you to see which approaches work and which don't; otherwise, you'll be conducting random, partial tests without receiving answers or genuine outcomes.

The key to success is consistency. Habits are formed via consistency. Habits will shape the activities we take on a daily basis. Success comes from taking action. “It's not what we do once in a while that determines our lives,” Anthony Robbins stated. It's something we do on a regular basis.”

Absence of brand purpose

The world is turning and the seasons are shifting. Consumers care about more than simply the items or services that brands offer when deciding which ones to do business with. They are concerned about the impact that brands have on society. Do you want to take your company's image to the next level? You should have a clear sense of purpose, one that your target audience can relate to. Your branding can have a significant impact on how your company is seen in the marketplace, and it can also be the driving force behind your success.

“Your brand purpose encapsulates your core values and what you stand for above all else. Raphael Bemporad, founding partner of BBMG, the branding consultancy behind the report Brand Purpose in Divided Times, adds, "It's sometimes referred to as your North Star or Noble Purpose." It's crucial to have a brand mission since it shows your customers that you're more than just your products, services, or marketing activities. You're here for a reason, and it's not only to make money.

Missing the style guideline

Brand design agencies can play an important role in assisting you with this difficulty. One factor that can help drive inconsistency is the lack of style guidelines. It is a document that stands as a rulebook on what design elements comprise your identity. Asking help from small branding agencies to guide you on revamping your brand, is a major tool. Branding and marketing agencies will make it a point to assist you in determining which design aspects are on-brand and which are not. You will have a difficult time selecting the proper design or dealing with modifications if you do not use branding and marketing agencies. To begin, brand consultants and you can develop a style guideline by having the following. 

Continuing to use an awful logo

Nothing beats making a good first impression. Your brand's talker is your company logo. As a result, if you hire a good brand design agency, they will want to make sure it is as memorable and eye-catching as possible. It's not merely for the sake of looks. Your company's logo will reflect your personality and business objectives. Audiences look at your logo to learn more about what your company offers or specializes in. Brands frequently struggle to develop a design that is both beautiful and functional. Small businesses frequently sacrifice design in order to stay within budget. They either have an overly elaborate or a saturated design.

Having the assistance of a brand design agency that understands their objective is a wonderful option this time. Appearing unprofessional leads to settling for a terrible design and gives the impression that you don't care how your customers see you. These flaws may reduce the effectiveness of your brand and make it difficult to remember your logo. When developing your logo, it is critical to keep it basic. The idea is to keep the design elements in harmony and avoid using complex illustrations. Branding agencies, whether large or little, will assist you with a comprehensive approach.


Nobody is going to get it right the first time. Even the most illustrious brands face challenges from time to time. However, being aware of potential concerns will help you anticipate problems that may develop during the life cycle of your brand. In order to build a distinct and profitable business, you must understand how and what challenges to avoid for your brand. It will assist you in saving time and money by assisting you in resolving difficulties that could have been avoided. This list of frequent branding missteps can serve as a guide to help you avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. The mainline is that you need to look beyond your color palette to figure out where your brand is damaged and ways to restore it.

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