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Coronavirus Business update

At this point, you've probably gotten hundreds of emails from every company you've ever worked with about how they're handling the Coronavirus. How everyone is washing their hands and committed to the safety of their customers. In an effort to not be redundant, here are a few other updates we're making as a business to help you through these crazy times. 

Making Coronavirus Updates to your website

We've put together a short video on how to add Coronavirus announcements to your website. You can find that video here

Supporting our first responders

Carrboro Creative is committed to supporting those on the front lines. As such, priority will be given to Doctor's Offices, Therapists, Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, and any other company or business that is essential during this crisis. We will do our best to accommodate all of our clients, but time is of the essence for these businesses. We have additional graphic and web designers on standby to help with any increase in design needs during these times. 

Helping companies move online

We know a lot of you are scrambling to figure out what to do now. You're racing against the clocks to move your business online and avoid losing significant profits. At Carrboro Creative, we're here to help. Having a website now is more important than ever, but so is the infrastructure to support that. We have plenty of experience working with remote clients and have compiled a list of our favorite resources. Some of our favorite tips are in our new blog post, How to Move your Business Online, and we will also be there to support you in that transition. 

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