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Ascension Tattoo: Crafting an Inviting Brand and Web Presence for Women-Owned Tattoo Shop

Ascension Tattoo, a women-owned and operated custom tattoo parlor, sought assistance in branding and web design to create an aesthetic appeal that would resonate with their target audience. With a passion for unique and personalized body art, they aimed to showcase their expertise while maintaining a feminine charm that would appeal to a diverse clientele. They entrusted our design agency with the task of curating an exceptional branding and user-friendly website experience that would establish them as a go-to destination for tattoo enthusiasts.
Client: Ascension Tattoo

Project Type: Branding, web design, business 360

Industry: Small Business
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Unveiling a Bold Identity with a Neutral Palette

Understanding the importance of a balanced and inviting color scheme, our agency worked diligently to embody the mixture of cool elegance and warmth in the choice of colors and illustrations. Focusing on a neutral color palette, we created a distinctive brand design that remains feminine without being overly so, allowing diverse clients to feel welcome and inspired by the visual elements.

Implementing a Tailored Branding and Intuitive Web Design

Our team delved into the heart of Ascension Tattoo’s values and distinctive offerings, prioritizing the crafting of a branding that would both entice and showcase their unparalleled expertise. With incorporation of captivating illustrations, we created a remarkable logo and brand identity that encapsulated the spirit of the parlor. We followed this up by designing a stylish and streamlined website that provided vital information on the parlor’s services, making it easy for potential clients to navigate and envision their own custom tattoo experience.

A Thriving Tattoo Shop with a Memorable Online Presence

As a result of our collaboration with Ascension Tattoo, we are thrilled to report that their custom branding and intuitive website have received overwhelming praise from clients, as well as boosted their online presence. Our strategic design decisions have resonated with the target audience, helping to attract new clients while solidifying relationships with existing ones. With a unique and inviting brand identity that matches their amazing creative talents, Ascension Tattoo has emerged as a prime destination for those seeking exceptional body art within a warm and welcoming environment.
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