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Redesigning Bus Maps for Enhanced Accessibility and a Unified Brand Experience

The Town of Chapel Hill Transit, aiming to provide exceptional transportation services to its residents, tourists, and students, recognized a need for a complete overhaul of its 20+ bus maps and brochures. The existing materials lacked cohesive branding, and their outdated and confusing designs made it hard for people to use figure out which routes they should be taking. To address these issues and improve the overall transit experience, Chapel Hill Transit turned to Carrboro Creative for help in creating modern, rider-friendly maps and brochures.In addition to the maps project, we have helped with various design projects, including physical signs for their park & rides.
Client: Chapel Hill Transit

Project Type: Graphic Design | Branding

Industry: Government

Crafting a Consistent, Visually Engaging Design:

Emphasizing the importance of visual continuity and user-friendly design, Carrboro Creative devised a comprehensive brand guide with new colors, fonts, and style direction for Chapel Hill Transit bus maps. The guide allowed the transit agency to implement its updated branding across all platforms and materials, ensuring a consistent experience for all riders.

A Revamped Map Design for a Seamless Transit Experience

Carrboro Creative redesigned each map to be sleek, modern, and easy to navigate. The new designs clarified the various routes, empowering users to navigate the bus system independently and with ease.
The new brochure featured the updated colors, fonts, and style direction, making it more visually appealing and engaging for riders. This attention to detail encouraged users to pick up the brochures and ultimately utilize the improved maps. With the newly redesigned maps and brochures implemented across all routes, Chapel Hill Transit has made it easy for bus riders to get where they’re going. Riders find the materials visually appealing, easy to understand, and consistent, no matter the route they take. The success of the redesign showcases Carrboro Creative's expertise in effective communication and design, creating a lasting impact on Chapel Hill Transit's services and rider experience.
As the Chapel Hill Transit system embraces its new maps and commitment to user accessibility, riders can now confidently and efficiently navigate throughout the town. Carrboro Creative is proud to have played a pivotal role in transforming the transit experience for the Chapel Hill community.

Stand-Out Signage CHT Park & Rides

In addition to their newly designed maps, Chapel Hill transit needed signage for a new park and ride lot. The lot was being added next to a new mutli-use development and needed to blend in with the existing aesthetic. We pulled design elements from the building and came up with a brick and stone design.
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