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Chapel Hill Transit


The Town of Chapel Hill Transit reached out to Carrboro Creative to redesign their over 20 bus maps and brochures. Their maps and brochures felt dull and didn’t encourage residents, tourists, or students to pick them up or use them. The various maps and routes lacked cohesive branding, so someone taking multiple routes encountered different maps and styles for the same transit system. Additionally, the maps were outdated and hard to read. Chapel Hill Transit needed updates both to their map style and accuracy.

Carrboro Creative developed new maps to feature a sleek and modern design. This design simplified and clarified the routes to ensure that people could navigate the bus system on their own.

The redesign also created continuity across all 20+ maps so users could expect the same experience regardless of the route. The Carrboro Creative team accomplished this through introducing a brand guide with new colors, fonts, and style direction. This guide empowers Chapel Hill Transit to carry out their new branding across all their platforms and in new projects.

Along with refreshing the overall design of the maps, Carrboro Creative updated them to reflect changes that had been made to the routes.

To encourage bus riders to utilize the new maps, the Carrboro Creative team made a new map brochure design. The brochure featured the new colors, fonts, and style for Chapel Hill Transit and made them more visually appealing overall.

Carrboro Creative was honored to redesign the transportation maps and brochure that would serve the people in our own community. Now the maps are easier to read, more intriguing to look at, and have a consistent and updated fun color palette for future design.

Explore Chapel Hill Transit’s new maps and brand designs below.

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