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Energix, Arlington Solar Developer


Energix, a project- based solar developer based in Arlington, partners with various localities in the commonwealth of Virginia. Due to the volume of their work and multiple projects, Energix lacked a consistent brand across all their partnerships. Energix needed assets to increase their brand recognition in the region in addition to branding for each project.

Carrboro Creative designed logos for each of their different projects. By creating logos for each project, we were able to guarantee brand consistency throughout all Energix’s partnerships. This consistency increases brand awareness and recognition between Energix as an entity and its partners.

In addition, our team built solar specific landing pages for each project. These landing pages inform and assure the community of the details of a given project as well as address potential concerns a town or community may have regarding solar development. Carrboro Creative set up the pages to address the general details of the project, the economic benefits, environmental impact, and buffers and setbacks.

Each logo and landing page is specific to the partner’s community. This kind of intentional design builds trust between Energix and the communities they seek to serve. The tailored assets aid Energix in converting future projects.

To maintain brand continuity in all materials, Carrboro Creative designed a suite of marketing materials including flyers, envelopes, business cards, and email signatures.

As a full-service marketing team, we enjoyed creating comprehensive and consistent branding for Energix and all their partners to increase awareness and trust in their current and future partner communities.

Explore one partner of this Arlington solar developer’s new branding and website design below.

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