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Impact Water, Global Non-profit


The Impact Water team approached us in a need of a new website for their non-profit. As an organization, they work with local school administrators and government leaders to deliver safe water services. Impact Water partners with manufacturers, businesses, nonprofits, and impact investors to share risk and achieve scale.

With their services mainly in three specific African countries, they wanted a site that reflected their audience and services. They asked to showcase realistic characteristics, elements, and indicators that scream what their company or brand is about and the kind of people it has helped or generally plans to help.

With these notes on the board, the Carrboro Creative team put our heads together to craft a communicative brand and website design — one that illustrates who they are, what they do, how they do it, where they do it, and who they do it for.

For branding, we created a more relevant logo that would help them to be recognizable as well as communicate the themes of teamwork, collaboration, and community. Visuals for this global brand were especially important since they would need to surpass any language and cultural barriers.

For the web design, we created many custom icons and illustrations. We used them to explain the processes involved in the services they provide and why they do it. The goal is to provide transparency and build trust. We also used photography to show who the recipients of their services are and created a layout for smooth navigation on the site.

The Carrboro Creative team was delighted to help Impact Water achieve its goals. In the end, the site created a solid digital foundation and awareness for the non-profit. Information about Impact Water is now more easily available and sharable online.

Explore Impact Water’s new brand designs below.

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