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Modus, Cary Information Governance


Modus, an eDiscovery and information governance partner, approached Carrboro Creative looking for a full rebrand. Their website was outdated and no longer represented their brand. Modus realized their website was not resulting in conversions.

In addition to needed website design changes, Modus lacked clear messaging on their site and in their marketing materials. The copy didn’t communicate the unique value Modus offered its potential customer. They needed compelling messaging that both highlighted their expertise and clarified what they provide.

Finally, Modus lacked consistency across digital and print platforms. The result was an updated brand strategy executed in a suite of marketing materials from their website to business cards.

It was important for Modus’ website to reflect the modern technology services they offer. Carrboro Creative accomplished this by creating a sleek design and simplified color scheme. While Modus’ work is highly technical and complex, their site didn’t need to be. Carrboro Creative took a breadth of offers and expertise and consolidated it into various navigational menus ensuring customers could find whatever specialized service they needed.

Carrboro Creative developed a comprehensive brand strategy to set Modus up for future success. Their research included target audience research, competitor analysis, unique value propositions, and offerings positioning. Driven by their findings the Carrboro Creative Team built out clear brand messaging, voice and tone, and a personality guide.

To get Modus started on this new journey Carrboro Creative also provided a suite of newly branded marketing materials for their various digital and print needs.

The clear messaging, easy to navigate website, and cohesive branded materials will help future customers recognize who Modus is and what they do so they will trust them for their data privacy and information governance needs.

Explore this Cary eDiscover & Information Governance partner’s new branding here.

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