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Revitalizing OWASA - A Fresh Take on Public Service Branding

The Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) focuses on delivering essential water treatment services with care and commitment to the Carrboro-Chapel Hill community. They reached out to our design agency as they felt their previous brand image did not effectively communicate their purpose and values, leading to stagnation within the industry. OWASA needed a rebranding strategy that would enhance their visual presence, improve their online and print identity, and maintain their existing logo.
Client: OWASA

Project Type: Branding, Graphic Design, Custom Illustration

Industry: Public Service Agency, Government

A Community-Centric Brand Strategy

Our team concentrated on developing a revamped brand identity that highlighted OWASA's dedication to their community, environmental stewardship, and prime water treatment services. By capturing the essence of OWASA's work, we made sure that their target audience would connect with and trust the organization's essential role in the Carrboro-Chapel Hill community.

Revitalized Aesthetics and Engaging Design

We refreshed OWASA's brand colors and typography to convey warmth, energy, and easy readability. Our design included custom illustrations, icons, and infographics representing the natural water treatment process. The balanced color scheme exuded calmness and purity, echoing OWASA’s environmental commitment. Although maintaining their existing logo, the overall brand aesthetic now resonates with the audience at first glance.

Making Waves: OWASA's Bold, Trustworthy, and Relevant Brand Identity

The outcome of our rebranding efforts has provided OWASA with an engaging and compelling brand identity that genuinely reflects their mission, values, and services. Their renewed presence has garnered increased recognition, appreciation, and trust from the Carrboro-Chapel Hill community. OWASA can now upscale its marketing initiatives and solidify its authority in the industry while staying true to their purpose.

Armed with a powerful and authentic brand identity, OWASA is well-positioned to build increased awareness and continue its essential role in serving the communities and environment that depend on their valuable services.
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