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OWASA, Public Non-Profit


The Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) approached our team at Carrboro Creative about a problem with their previous brand image. They felt that the OWASA brand had previously been misrepresented within their community. Subsequently, this led to the stagnation of their brand within the industry, and difficulty in communicating their purpose to the general public.

OWASA wanted us to give their brand a new life; one that completely represents them to the audience on first impressions — both online and in print.

As strategic designers, we were pleased to help OWASA turn the tables in their favor.

For rebranding, they requested we not change their logo. Instead, we updated the brand’s colors and typography. We aimed to give the impression of the natural processes involved in the company’s operation with warm, and colors coupled with easy-to-read fonts.

To help people become more familiar with the water treatment processes, we made custom and unique illustrations. Infographics about the processes were also created for easy sharing. We believe all these assets will create awareness for this public non-profit, explain the water treatment process, and promote the OWASA brand as a trusted local organization.

The OWASA rebrand included:

- Water-like visual attributes and messaging

- Custom icons that convey purity and natural processes

- Color balance that symbolizes the calmness of the water

- Lively and trustworthy elements

Now, OWASA has an improved brand identity to establish itself as a trusted public non-profit in the Carrboro-Chapel Hill community. Its improved brand identity has helped them upscale its marketing and improve its authority.

Explore this public non-profit’s new brand designs below.

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