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Elevating the Mexican Dining Experience with a Custom WordPress Website and Exciting Brand Elements

Que Chula, an vibrant and chic Mexican restaurant based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, aspired to create a lively and sophisticated brand identity that would leave a lasting impression on their diners. Teaming up with Carrboro Creative, our challenge was to design an eye-catching brand identity, complete with logo design, icon design, menu design, and business cards, as well as devising a custom WordPress website that encapsulated the essence of the Que Chula dining experience.
Client: Que Chula

Project Type: Branding, Website Design, Graphic Design

Industry: Restaurant
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Our Strategy: A vibrant cultural approach

Collaborating closely with the Que Chula team, we set out on our creative endeavor to bring their vibrant and bold vision to life. We developed a bold and colorful brand identity using Mexican-inspired colors, typography, and design elements. he logo design, icon design, menu design, and business cards exude a sense of bold cultural exploration that perfectly captures the essence of the restaurant.

The Execution: Delivering a bold brand and user-friendly website

To complement the visual appeal of Que Chula's brand identity, we built a custom WordPress website that showcased the restaurant's unique offerings and atmosphere. The responsive and user-friendly site design provides diners with an easy-to-navigate platform, allowing them to explore the menu, make reservations, and get a taste of Que Chula's ambiance before they even step foot in the establishment.

Following the completion of Que Chula's branding and website design project, we have continued to collaborate on branding and website design for their other restaurants. Each new project gives us the opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity while maintaining the core values and characteristics that define the Que Chula brand.

The Results: Expanding opportunities and continued success

By crafting a captivating and bold brand identity and website design for Que Chula, we successfully elevated the Mexican dining experience for their clientele in Chapel Hill. The resulting lively brand presence and custom WordPress website have garnered customer attention, strengthened Que Chula's online reputation, and paved the way for continued collaboration and growth within the restaurant industry. The success of Que Chula has led restaurant owners Lauren & Jose Ibarra to open another restaurant, Xolo’s, which we will also do the branding for.
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