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Crafting a Genuine and Inclusive Brand Identity That Emanates Trust and Fosters a Sense of Belonging

The Refugee Support Center (RSC) is an Orange County non-profit organization committed to helping refugees rebuild their lives and establish a secure footing in their new communities. Driven by compassion and service, RSC offers a wide range of support initiatives, from essential resources to empowering advocacy. Recognizing the need for a rebrand that would genuinely convey their mission and values, RSC turned to Carrboro Creative for assistance in developing a new brand identity, logo, tagline, and website design with a heartfelt touch.
Client: Refugee Support Center

Project Type: Branding / Website Design / Website Development

Industry: Nonprofit
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Bridging the Communication Gap

The Carrboro Creative team began by fully understanding RSC's mission, objectives, and daily operations to ensure that the resulting brand identity would be an authentic representation of their message. By embracing RSC's concerns regarding previous miscommunication with designers, we aimed to create a brand image that would resonate with refugees and inspire trust in donors and supporters.

Rebranding with Warmth and Empathy

We revamped RSC's logo to incorporate an inviting illustration that symbolizes a haven for refugees seeking help and support. To further drive home the organization's core ethos, we devised a powerful and inclusive tagline: "All refugees are welcome."

The website's transformation featured a warm and approachable design, starting with a homepage adorned with a captivating hero image depicting refugees from various cultures. By showcasing RSC's remarkable achievements and statistics, we were able to convey the organization's competence and empathy.

Healing Journeys: A Reimagined Brand Identity for the Refugee Support Center

The reinvigorated brand identity, logo, and website design have significantly enhanced RSC's connection with its target audience, garnering praise from refugees, donors, and partners alike. The authentic portrayal of the organization's commitment to its cause has deepened the sense of belonging and trust in its services.

Thanks to a powerful brand identity and a user-friendly website, the Refugee Support Center can now effectively convey its message of hope, empathy, and support. With their reimagined image, RSC will continue to make a profound impact on the lives of the refugees they serve as well as inspire new waves of much-needed support from the community at large.
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