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Sonder Energy


Sonder Energy is a premium, high touch solar and energy storage project developer. Sonder Energy’s founders have over 40 years of combined energy and development experience which has produced over 1 GW of operating generation assets across more than 100 projects. They approached us in need of a new brand and website that would appeal to local landowners and build trust in the communities they wanted to work in.
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Devising an Unforgettable Brand Identity and Seamless Website Experience

Sonder Energy, a top-tier solar and energy storage project developer forges a path to a greener future with clean, cost-effective, and dependable energy for the nation's power grid. With a staunch commitment to superior projects that enhance local communities, Sonder Energy required a brand persona and website meticulously crafted to captivate two distinct segments: energy firms eager to harness solar power and landowners keen on selling or leasing their land for solar farm expansions. Our esteemed design agency enthusiastically accepted the challenge to develop a brand presence and website that harmoniously combined approachability and sophistication, captivating both corporate clients and down-to-earth landowners.
Client: Sonder Energy

Project Type: Branding / Copywriting / Website Design / Website Development / Graphic Design

Industry: Solar, Sustainability, Small Business
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A Balanced Brand Strategy

Our approach to Sonder Energy's branding focused on blending rustic, Americana-inspired design elements with a sleek, modern aesthetic. To achieve this, we crafted a distinctive logo that conveyed approachability and authenticity, while designing a cutting-edge website that showcased the company's expertise and commitment to sustainability.

Visual Harmony and Targeted Messaging

The website showcased Sonder Energy's innovative spirit and commitment to clean energy solutions with its modern design, large visuals, and informative infographics. The combination of rustic branding elements and a modern website design has successfully appealed to both of Sonder Energy's target audiences, setting them apart from other solar developers in the industry. The distinct brand presence and user-friendly website experience have generated increased interest and engagement from energy companies and landowners alike.

The Fusion of Rustic and Modern Energizes Sonder Energy's Brand Identity

Through this well-crafted brand identity and easy-to-navigate website, Sonder Energy has not only effectively captured the attention of their target audiences but also reinforced their position as a premium solar and energy storage project developer. Their commitment to providing clean and reliable energy solutions resonates with both corporate and individual clients, cementing their status as a leader in the renewable energy sector.

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