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Trinity Community Care, Michigan Healthcare Provider


Trinity Community Care provides free medical and dental care to those who cannot afford it, delivered with unconditional love. They strive to do this in an integrated manner to create positive health outcomes. They approached us needing a brand refresh and an easy-to-use website for their clients.

Carrboro Creative started with refreshing different brand components. By selecting new fonts and secondary colors for Trinity Community Care, the team created a more modern look as the foundation for additional updates to the brand and website.

Prior to the project, Triad Community Care’s website was incredibly outdated. It no longer represented their identity or work well and lacked the ease of use its community needed to access the care they required.

Carrboro Creative redesigned Triad Community Care’s website with a few audiences in mind–patients needing their services, community members or healthcare professionals desiring to volunteer, and people hoping to donate and support their work.

The team restructured the website’s navigation to ensure whichever audience was visiting the site could quickly and easily find the information pertinent to them.

Carrboro Creative is always honored to serve nonprofits so they can do the work of making a difference in their communities. Rebranding and designing Triad Community Care’s website allows them to focus all their efforts on providing quality healthcare to those who can’t afford it.

Explore this Michigan healthcare provider’s new brand and website designs below.

About Trinity Community Care

For many years, members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Utica and other local churches led and participated in medical mission trips to Haiti, Brazil, and other countries. The desperate need in those countries, combined with their Christian faith, became a call to action to use their skills and talents to serve others. In 2010, the medical mission team members began to ask themselves why they weren’t helping people with medical and dental needs in their own community. The next several years were spent learning what it would take to start a free medical and dental clinic in the Utica area.Along the way were blessed with a small army of individuals and organizations donating their time, materials, and resources in areas such as planning, construction, administration, dental, and medical know-how. Trinity Community Care opened to patients in December 2013.

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