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Visit Carrboro, Local Tourism Initiative


In 2021, the Carrboro Tourism Development Authority reached out in need of a website that would draw visitors to the quirky little town that is Carrboro. If you’re not from around NC, Carrboro is hard to explain. It’s a hidden gem that’s filled with free spirits & wonders. For this project, we wanted to capture the magical qualities of Carrboro through messaging, graphic design, branding, and web design.

The Carrboro Tourism Development Authority wanted a brand-new website for Visit Carrboro, the organization’s local tourism initiative. The goal was to create brand awareness for the centrally located town of Carrboro and encourage tourism through visits from locals and neighboring towns in North Carolina.

The Visit Carrboro team needed to update a brand that would showcase the experience tourists have when they visit Carrboro, a town of 21,000 people that provides city-like connectivity, resources, and progressive values. To achieve the goals of the Carrboro Tourism Initiative, we handled branding, graphic design, and web design to showcase the outstanding qualities of Carrboro town and invite more tourists.

The Visit Carrboro brand and website design project was a delight to work on. We believe this easy-to-navigate and fun site will help expand Carrboro’s local tourism. Because as the Carrboro Creative team knows well, it’s “not just a town, it’s a feeling.”

Explore the designs for Carrboro’s local tourism initiative below.

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