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Capturing the Magic of Carrboro

Visit Carrboro is an initiative by the Carrboro Tourism Authority to encourage local tourism in the charming town of Carrboro. As a hidden gem filled with free spirits and wonders, Carrboro offers a unique experience to its visitors. In 2021, the Carrboro Tourism Development Authority reached out to our Website Design Agency to create a brand-new website that would not only showcase the magical qualities of Carrboro but also promote "staycation" itineraries for locals and visitors from neighboring towns during quarantine.
Client: Visit Carrboro

Project Type: Website Design, Brand Messaging, Brand Updates

Industry: Government
Visit Website

Attracting the Curious Visitor

Our strategy was to develop a strong brand presence for Visit Carrboro to draw people from neighboring towns, such as Greenville, Asheville, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Wilmington, Richmond, Raleigh, New Bern, Greensboro, and Durham, to plan a trip to the town. We aimed to create a website that would attract visitors by effectively capturing the town's unique identity and showcasing its progressive values, city-like connectivity, and abundant resources.

Showcasing Carrboro's Uniqueness

The Carrboro Creative team worked hand-in-hand with the Carrboro Tourism Development Authority to create a user-friendly website that truly embodied Carrboro's enchanting charm. Using Carrboro's existing brand, our team refined its style direction by adding custom graphics and supplementary design elements. We seamlessly integrated the existing brand into a user-friendly website that simplified navigation, making it easy for visitors to explore various attractions and activities in Carrboro. The primary focus of the site was on creating diverse weekend itineraries tailored for tourists seeking an unforgettable "staycation" experience. These curated itineraries captured the essence of Carrboro's allure and encouraged visitors to embrace the exceptional journey that awaits in this vibrant town.

Boosting Carrboro's Local Tourism

The Visit Carrboro website design project was a delight to work on, and we believe that the end result is a perfect reflection of Carrboro's character - not just a town, but a feeling. With the new website now live, the Carrboro Tourism Development Authority is better equipped to promote local tourism, expand their reach, and share the magic of Carrboro with visitors far and wide. The user-friendly site is already playing a significant role in increasing brand awareness and inviting more tourists to experience the enchanting world that is Carrboro.
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