Brand Identity

successful companies have clear & cohesive brand identities

Your brand identity is how the world perceives you. Design is the foundation that gets you there.

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable by your customer. It’s encompassed by:

  • Your mission (your why)
  • Your values (the beliefs that drive your company)
  • Your brand voice & personality (how you interact with your customers)
  • Your design pieces (including your logo, colors, typography, and marketing collateral)
  • Your differentiating factor (what makes you different)

Before you start building your brand, you need a clear conception of what these elements are. That’s where we come in. We help businesses and organizations discover who they are & how they want to be perceived. Our brand specialists find strategic ways to visualize your brand and tell your story. Give us a call. 

Brand Identity services include

Logo Design

Culture, Mission, and Value Development

Market Research

Brand Development

Website Design 


Marketing Materials 

Social Media Strategy

Sign Design

Brand Workshops

Brand Identity projects from our portfolio