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Professional copywriters create compelling copy that speaks to a business’s target audience. Anyone can put text on a page. It takes skilled and experienced writers to weave information into stories, expand on ideas, and infuse SEO keywords into text content. Our firm, Carrboro Creative, Copywriters (AKA the Three C’s. Just kidding, no one calls it that. Please don’t call it that) work tirelessly to get to know your business and brand so they can craft effective copy that rings true to who you are. 

Ok, so how does this whole thing work?

Crafting compelling copy (AKA the Three C’s. Just kidding, no one calls this that either. Please don’t call this that) takes time. The first part is a meeting where we get to know you and your brand. We ask that you share all of your branding prior to this meeting, so we can fully utilize our time. “Hang on- branding? What’s that? Is that just your logo?” If you don’t know whether or not you have “branding”, chances are, you probably don’t. Having a solid brand is the foundation for good copywriting. If you’ve never been through a brand story workshop, we highly recommend you start there.

Why start with a Brand Story Workshop

Without a solid foundation and understanding of brand voice, there’s not a lot to work with. Your brand voice is the tone and attitude used in your messaging. In our brand story workshop, we guide you through games and exercises to better understand your business and come out the other-side with a holistic approach to your messaging, visual identity, and content creation. 

Starting with a brand story workshop ensures your copy is consistently written in your brand voice. Our content writers collaborate with our marketing specialists to bring your brand to life using what was learned during the worksop. Let us help tell your story.


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About Carrboro Creative

Carrboro Creative is a design agency and copywriting company in Carrboro, North Carolina. We specialize in website copywriting, brand voice messaging, social media post writing, and sales writing for small and medium size businesses. We provide copywriting services to companies in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Apex, Cary, Pittsboro, and Raleigh as well as nationally and globally.