Marketing materials that sell.

So you may be wondering, “Should I even get marketing materials printed? Who cares about print anymore?” Well, actually, a lot of people care, a lot.  There is nothing quite like holding a freshly printed annual report or custom made flyer in your own two hands. The tangibility of it all is so relieving in our digital, disconnected world. Print materials are an homage to a different time, where all marketing materials were on paper and people called each other on the phone instead of texting. They bring us back to connection, real human connection, at our fingertips. 

“Wow, that’s a little dramatic, don’t you think?”  Ok, you got us there. We just love seeing our client’s expressions when they see their design printed on a banner outside their shop, or one of their ads in their local magazine. There’s nothing quite like it. 

What can my company use print design for?

It can be used for a lot of things! Our most requested items are brochures, flyers, banners, and business cards. Something we love to recommend is having an “Proposal & About You” folder that has a one-sheet about your services, a brochure about your company, a business card, and a custom proposal all neatly tucked away in a custom designed folder. Talk about brand experience. Imagine if you were meeting with a potential vendor and they handed you something like that! Print materials can give your brand more credibility, and a designer can help you. Get started today!

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print design services include

Marketing Material Design

Brochures Design

Booklet Design

Sign Design

Banner Design

Flyer Design

Book Design

Book Cover Design

Business Card Design

Letterhead Design

Bulletin Design

Billboard Design

Poster Design

Magazine Design

Featured Print Design Project


OWASA, our neighborhood not-for-profit public agency came to us with a problem. Their marketing had been stagnant for a long time. We worked work with them to tell their story about water, it’s process, and it’s importance in our community. Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) wanted to keep their preexisting logo and incorporate it into the revamped brand & printed materials. The new brand utilizes clean readable typography and colors that are reminiscent of natural processes. 

About Carrboro Creative

Carrboro Creative is a design company in Carrboro, North Carolina. Our design firm specializes in print design for small and medium sized businesses. We design print materials for companies in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Apex, Cary, Pittsboro, and Raleigh as well as nationally and globally.