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Transforming a Generic Website into a Sleek, Client-Focused Hub that Captivates and Converts

8M Solar is a highly-regarded Wake Forest solar installation company that prides itself on delivering top-notch solar solutions to clients. As seasoned experts in the renewable energy field, the 8MSolar team felt that their existing website no longer represented their brand's true essence nor showcased their industry-leading status. The primary challenges were an outdated design, a lack of intuitive navigation, and copy that seemed more focused on search engine optimization than engaging the actual users. Carrboro Creative was enlisted to revamp 8MSolar's website, infusing it with dynamic visuals, strategic copy, and a seamless user experience that would elevate the company's online presence.
Client: 8M Solar

Project Type: User Experience / Copywriting / Website Design / Website Development / Signage / Graphic Design

Industry: Solar & Sustainability, Small Business
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A Modern and Sleek Brand Reinvention

Our design team began by refreshing 8MSolar's branding with a sleek and modern approach, seamlessly incorporating the company's original logo and colors. By pivoting the design direction towards a more contemporary aesthetic, we were able to capture the innovative spirit that defines 8MSolar in the fast-evolving world of renewable energy.

Strategic, Story-Driven Copywriting

To replace the formerly generic centric copy, our research team delved deep into understanding the pain points and desires of 8MSolar's clients, ultimately creating an optimal brand voice. Armed with this valuable insight, our copywriters crafted compelling narratives that positioned 8MSolar as the go-to solutions provider for all solar energy needs. Concise, clear language and persuasive messaging now bring 8MSolar's expertise and unique value proposition to the forefront, fostering trust and credibility with website visitors.

Harnessing the Power of Creative Design and Intelligent Strategy

The newly revamped 8MSolar website stands as a testament to the fusion of stunning design, intuitive user experience, and story-driven copywriting. With a revitalized website that speaks volumes about their premier status in the solar industry, 8MSolar can expect a surge in positive feedback, higher conversion rates, and increased website-driven leads. By investing in a powerful online presence that truly reflects their expertise and customer-centric approach, 8MSolar has cemented their position as a beacon of excellence in the renewable energy sector.
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