Local is Better

Carrboro Creative is dedicated to our local community.

There’s a reason Carrboro is part of our company name. We  love our community. Our quirky little town with all it’s charm, unique history, and diverse population is the perfect home for our creative agency. There’s something special about recognizing our favorite waitstaff at local restaurants, buying local veggies from our co-op grocery store, and taking yoga classes with the same teachers for years. We love working with our local partners in the triangle area and helping build more successful local businesses with branding and web design. We’d love to partner with you and help build our community with impactful design.

Impact Water Mobile Design

Design as a tool for social change

Empowering women-owned businesses, organizations, and women's issues with impactful design.

Carrboro Creative was founded with women in mind. We believe that encouraging women to participate fully and equally in our society is essential to building a stronger economy, achieving greater development, and improving everyone’s lives and communities. Our company was founded by two women who are passionate about using their skills to promote & elevate other women and women’s issues.

Creating powerful and recognizable graphic design, web design, and branding not only takes a small business to the next level, but also gives agency and confidence to individuals and organizations. We support women with design by offering affordable pricing for our services, volunteering with women’s organizations, and by focusing our efforts on working with women-owned businesses. We also seek out projects that challenge the status quo and bring light to social issues.