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Building a Cohesive Brand & Website that Reflects Trust, Authenticity, and Excellence

Copper Top Contracting is a construction company that genuinely puts people first, with an emphasis on trust, authenticity, and superb craftsmanship. Specializing in drywall and framing, their mission is to minimize construction errors and improve communication for seamless projects from inception to completion. Copper Top Contracting sought our design agency's assistance to develop a brand identity, logo, copywriting, and website design that would effectively capture their philosophy, values, and expertise.
Client: Copper Top Contracting

Project Type: Branding / Copywriting / Website Design / Website Development

Industry: Construction, Contracting
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A People-First Brand Strategy

To accurately reflect Copper Top Contracting's commitment to exceptional service and high-quality work, we devised a branding approach that centered around trust, authenticity, and pristine craftsmanship. We aimed to communicate the benefits of the company's attentive approach and communicative leadership style, ensuring potential clients recognized the unparalleled value Copper Top Contracting could offer their construction projects.

Refined Aesthetics and Compelling Communication

We created a modern, sophisticated logo that conveyed the company's meticulous attention to detail and expertise in drywall and framing. The color palette combined muted earth tones with a vibrant touch, representing Copper Top Contracting's down-to-earth, people-first approach and creating an impactful, memorable impression.

Our copywriting efforts focused on emphasizing Copper Top Contracting's dedication to client satisfaction, craft, and communication. The messaging on the website clearly showcased their commitment to reducing construction errors and improving project communication, reassuring potential clients of a seamless experience.

Mastering the Foundations: A Modern, Impactful Brand Identity

The revitalized brand identity, logo, copywriting, and website design have astounded Copper Top Contracting's target audience, generating increased engagement and high praise from clients and peers in the industry. The new branding precisely captures the company's core values, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship and client-focused service offered on every project.

With an impactful brand identity and an intuitive website designed to drive conversions, Copper Top Contracting has solidified its position as a trusted and authentic leader in the construction industry. Their commitment to people-first service and expert craftsmanship continues to inspire confidence and earn loyalty from clients across the board.
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