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Not your father’s financial advisory firm, not your father’s branding

For too long, financial advisory services have been associated with stuffy, outdated practices that often seem inaccessible to the younger generations. Green Cedar Finance, a financial advisory firm led by Caroline Brown, was determined to change this perception. Caroline approached our design agency with the challenge of developing a brand identity, crafting compelling copywriting, and designing a website that would speak directly to Millennials and Gen Z. It was imperative that the brand strikes the perfect balance—fun, approachable, yet still professional—while letting Caroline's engaging personality shine through.
Client: Green Cedar Finance

Project Type: Branding, Copywriting, Website Design

Industry: Finance, Small Business
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The Empathy-Driven Approach

Understanding the unique needs and aspirations of the younger generations, our agency made sure to prioritize their voice in the design process. Our goal was not only to create a visually appealing brand but also to use empathy-driven communication as a key factor in delivering an authentic experience to millennials and Gen Z.

A Unified and Engaging Brand Experience:

We chose an unconventional color palette, combining lively and soothing hues, to contrast the typical corporate blue of traditional financial institutions. The playful font options and engaging visuals were incorporated into the logo design and website layout, creating an aesthetic that communicated professionalism without sacrificing approachability.The copywriting aimed at humanizing Green Cedar Finance while emphasizing the firm's commitment to understanding the financial needs and aspirations of the Millennial and Gen Z generations. The website copy further reinforced this message, making it clear that Green Cedar is far more than just another financial advisory firm.

Shattering Industry Stereotypes and Building Lasting Connections

With the revitalized brand identity, website design, and impactful copywriting, Green Cedar Finance expects to see a surge in client engagement, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. The new branding approach has earned praise from both clients and industry peers, allowing Green Cedar Finance to stand out as a groundbreaking, empathy-driven financial advisory firm for the younger generation.By breaking away from traditional perceptions of financial advisory services and embracing a more inclusive, approachable strategy, Caroline Brown's Green Cedar Finance is rewriting the narrative for younger generations seeking financial guidance.
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