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Capturing Initiatives and Impact through Strategic Branding and Website Design

The Okavango Foundation, initiated by the Keefe family, carries an ambitious vision of balanced ecosystems, secured habitats, and empathetic mental health assistance. Armed with three significant initiatives, they approached Carrboro Creative with a challenge: to construct a strategic brand and website design that would seamlessly embody ocean conservation, wildlife protection, and mental health advancements.
Client: Okavango Foundation

Project Type: Branding, Copywriting, Website Design

Industry: Nonprofit
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Our Strategy: Creating a Unified Visual Identity

Our approach was to create a brand identity that resonated with the various facets of the Foundation's mission. We sought to visually tie their three initiatives by assigning different color schemes: blue for ocean conservation, green for wildlife protection, and gray for mental health advancements. This categorization provided a foundation for the diverse aspects of the brand and website design.

The Execution: Merging Vision and Creativity

Given the challenge, our team designed a fingerprint-style logo, the winding lines hinting at the rivers and waterways. The logo presented the Foundation's commitment to their causes, symbolizing the 'imprint' they sought to make globally. By choosing blue, green, and gray hues, we ensured each initiative was visibly represented in their logo.

To harmonize the branding with the website, we penned copy reflecting the passion of the Foundation while applying the logo element as overlays to signify the Foundation's global footprint

The Results: A Brand Identity and Website Design That Reflects Passion and Commitment

The outcome of the collaborated efforts was a comprehensive brand that effectively channeled the Okavango Foundation's vision and passion. The logo beautifully encapsulated the tri-fold initiative, and the web design successfully showcased the Foundation's philosophy and efforts. Potential beneficiaries now perceive a visually cohesive, user-friendly website with copy that engages and informs. The Okavango Foundation's vision of a more harmonious world is now a visual reality, setting the stage for continued influence in its field.
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