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Silverquicken: crafting magical and engaging educational materials through captivating graphic design

Silverquicken is dedicated to making learning fun, wondrous, and transformative for children in grades 3 through 8. They achieve this through educational activities set within an enthralling adventure story, guided by diverse and relatable characters. The challenge presented to us was to create graphic designs for their "Box of Wonders" packaging and other educational materials that effectively reflect a unique blend of technology, magic, science, and an artifact-like feel.
Client: Silverquicken

Project Type: Graphic Design, Packaging

Industry: Startup, Education, Small Business

Breathing life into a world of wonder and enriching learning experiences

To cater to Silverquicken's goal of making problem-solving feel like play, we carefully analyzed their brand philosophy and crafted designs synergizing the themes of magic, science, and technology. We focused on meticulous details to ensure a high tech and magical feel. Our team designed captivating visuals for materials such as the cipher wheel, map, scroll, and booklet that enriched the Silverquicken experience for young learners.

Achieving an enchanting balance

Our graphic designs brought to life a magical world filled with challenging activities and fascinating topics for students to explore. The seamless fusion of technology, magic, science, and subtle art helped create an enchanting balance that Silverquicken aimed at imparting to their target audience.

The magical power of design

Our collaboration with Silverquicken demonstrates the power of design in supporting and enhancing an educational brand's mission. The carefully crafted visuals effectively represented the diverse elements of their brand, capturing the curiosity of their target audience and facilitating immersive learning experiences. Silverquicken’s delightful blend of wonder and wisdom proves the effectiveness of engaging graphics and design in providing transformative and enjoyable educational journeys for young learners.
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