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The Challenge: An Outdated Brand In Need of Change

The ArtsCenter, an iconic hub for creatives in Carrboro, NC since the 70s, was in dire need of a brand update. Although deeply embedded in local culture and highly recognized for their role in fostering arts, their outdated brand didn't align with their evolutionary journey. Their image had become stagnant and was lacking the vibrancy and energy of the arts they promoted. The real challenge was to retain their nostalgic essence while infusing an air of modernity that effectively communicated their growth in the contemporary arts scene.
Client: The ArtsCenter

Project Type: Branding, Website Design, Graphic Design

Industry: Nonprofit

Our Strategy: Merging Past with Present

In our strategy, nostalgia was key. We conducted an introspective analysis of The ArtsCenter's brand history, its influences, and the profound impact it's had on the local arts community. Our aim was not just to revitalize but to reflect their journey, emphasizing their established foundation and their continual growth. Inspired by the vibrancy of the 70s, we decided on a retro-meets-modern approach, intertwining the organization's past and present for a cohesive brand identity.

The Execution: Unveiling a Vibrant, Retro-Inspired Look

The execution started with the color palette, keeping it dynamic yet muted to channel the 70s vibe while maintaining a modern edge. The transformative element of our execution was the incorporation of the rainbow motif, rainbows being symbolic of diversity in creativity and reminiscent of 70s design. Coupled with playful design elements and a modern touch, the brand was successfully updated without losing sight of its iconic roots.

The Results: Retro Revitalization With Enhanced Community Engagement

The retro-inspired rebranding breathed life into The ArtsCenter and reinvigorated its relevance in the Carrboro community. The new brand is now a beautiful mix of a captivating past and an innovative present that has re-engaged art lovers and enthusiasts. The new brand has echoed through the local arts scene, attracting a broader audience, fostering a sense of community and enhancing The ArtsCenter's influence. The nostalgia-laced rebranding proved successful, embodying the center's rich history while providing it with a fresh, modern face.
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